About Me

"Always Faithful" Album is out!

My latest recording. All originals from the Crossing Life Worship teams.

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My hope is to be a resource, inspiration, and a relevant expression in music, my films, worship leading, and the creative in general in order to inspire others to learn, think, grow, and work at their craft with excellence and passion.

Hi, I’m David. I’m a songwriter, musician, worship leader, filmmaker, husband, father, and most importantly a Jesus follower. 

Beyond that I probably have too many hobbies as I hope to become a screenwriter (and am working on it!), would love to act more in both comedy and drama, enjoy the world of MMA  and a plethora of other sports (to which I owe many days of soreness, bumps, and bruises), and just can’t read and learn enough as I strive to be on top of whatever I’m doing, thinking, and most significantly what I believe.

My life is full as I am currently a member at the Crossing Life Church in Windham NH and I co-own a video production company called Waves Media both of which have allowed me to travel around the globe and the US doing what I love.

I’ve been blessed to lead worship for over 20 years now in various settings literally around the world. I truly enjoy writing songs and am doubly happy when people like them AND when they even use them in worship themselves.

And my home life is fun…. and busy but wouldn’t trade it as I get to raise 4 precious kiddos with my wife Rebekah.

This site is being worked on as we speak so more should be live here soon but for now check out my social channels and a couple music tracks below.